Privacy Policy

Introduction to Privacy Policy

Welcome to Go-Roca Digital Services. 

Our Privacy Policy aims to both explain and describe how their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is being used online, and the policies we strictly adhere to on collection, using, and disclosing the pieces of information we collect or receive when users (also to be referred as “you” or “your” throughout the Privacy Policy) access the Go-Roca website. 

Go-Roca Digital Services’ Privacy Policy is also made to be in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Online Privacy Policy Act (CalOPPA), Children Online Privacy Policy Act (COPPA), Fair Information Practices, and other data protection and privacy laws. In line with such laws, we have readily made this Privacy Policy available on each page of our website, accessible by any and all users and visitors.

Go-Roca Digital Services, or Go-Roca (also to be referred to as “the Company“, “we“, “us“, or “our” throughout the Privacy Policy) also reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy as deemed necessary. Should any changes be made to our Privacy Policy, you will be notified through the following:

(1) Through an email notifying you of the changes in our Privacy Policy

(2) Posting a notification on our website indicating that there have been changes to our Privacy Policy

We will also have a required checkbox stating that you have read, reviewed, and agreed to the changes made if you are a subscriber. 

Continued use of the website and its different pages, as well as our services following any changes to our Privacy Policy shall be bound by your approval to these said changes.

Information Collection:

The information that our website will collect is only those that are provided voluntarily by you, since, in line with the CalOPPA, The Company allows users to be able to visit our website anonymously. The information we may collect through the website may include one or more of the following you voluntarily provide through our forms:

(1) Full name

(2) Age

(3) Email address

(4) Amazon URL, and/or Amazon Standard Identification Number, or ASIN

(5) Complete or Partial Address

(6) Website URL

(6) Company or Business Name, and Nature of Business

(7) Net and/or Gross Income/Profit/Revenue

(8) Other feedback, reviews, comments, suggestions, and any other message sent

Should any user or subscriber who voluntarily submits information be found to be not yet of legal age or is under 13 years old (one or both), The Company shall immediately get in touch to request for an expressed written consent from said subscriber’s parents or legal guardians in accordance with the COPPA. Please note that any other information beyond those stated above may still be collected, but all will be done so only within your expressed written consent. 

Use and Security of Collected Information

The information that we will be collecting will be to contact you is stored in a secure database controlled by the Company, and as such, protected from any outside entities or individuals outside of the company. The use of said information is to either provide more updates about the company and/or offer our services to you through promotional materials, which may include any, but not limited to, the following:

(1) Company Profile (upon request)

(2) Company Portfolio (upon request)

(3) Newsletter (upon subscription)

(4) Promotional offers and discounts, as deemed necessary by the company

These promotional materials will only be sent to those individuals who have explicitly stated that they wish to receive these from the Company. Those who, at any point in time, wish to dissociate, opt-out, or want the information you once provided be deleted or removed from our database, you may always get in-touch with us through email. Contact information is found on our home page at or at the bottom of this Privacy Policy.

Should there be any data breach that occurs, in line with the Fair Information Practices, we will duly inform all involved parties within 1 business day in the occurrence of such an event. Rest assured that Go-Roca Digital Services Inc has policies and systems in place to make sure that no such data breach occurs. The Company has set up security measures in order to protect users and subscribers from such malicious activities.

Third-Party Information Disclosure

The Company also guarantees that all information it has collected and has stored in our system will never be misused in any way, and will never be rented, sold, nor distributed to any individual/s, institution/s, and entity/ies without your expressed written consent. 

The individuals that are allowed to view the information you send to us are only those who are directly connected with Go-Roca, and are only able to view and use the information that you have provided to us only if there is a business-related need to do so. Otherwise, these individuals within Go-Roca will not use the said information for anything beyond communications and transactions related to the business between you and us.

We also assure that individuals who work with Go-Roca that have access to the information you provide will no longer have access to any of this said information, will not be able to use any of this information, and will not rent, sell, distribute, or misuse in any way this said information upon separation from the Company. Should, at any point, there be a sale or a change of control or ownership within the Company, we will duly announce this to every individual, entity, institution, and the like involved, and the information collected by us from you may be a part of that said business agreement, given the nature of the business, but rest assured that the information transferred will not be put into any misuse or will not be compromised at any point in time, and you will be given an opportunity to opt out before the transfer of all assets.


Cookies are the files that store information whenever a website is visited by a user so that the said website can use the information whenever the user visits the website again. Our website uses cookies and sends one or more cookies to your computer in order to collect information from you and other visitors in order to improve our website’s accessibility. 

Cookies Usage

The cookies that we use may also help convey information to us about and track usage on our website (i.e. pages or links that you view or click on). These help us understand user experiences on our website, and provide better and more understandable website content and accessibility in the future. 

Cookies remain on your hard drive after you close your web browser, and may be used by your browser on subsequent visits thereafter. These cookies may be voluntarily by following the instructions provided by your web browser. You may also reset your web browser to refuse all cookies or to notify you when cookies are being sent to your hard drive, should you wish to stop receiving cookies from us, or other websites in the future, but disabling this function may affect certain features of websites and as such, these websites may not be able to provide the best possible user experience for its visitors.

Should there be any more questions, concerns, or additional information that you would like to ask, you may reach us at